The Myths Behind Teething Jewellery Beads

If you are a parent who is living in Melbourne or some small village the other side of the country, the chances are that you will have heard of teething beads. These were used earlier but now have become popular again. Most new parents are given all sorts of advice regarding their child. The advice ranges and borders even on the most bizarre. Therefore, it is up to the parent to decide what needs to be followed and what needs to be disregarded when it comes to the child. Teething beads are usually suggested to reduce the pain which teething babies face as they have an analgesic property. In fact, teething is one of the most stressful periods of a baby’s life and due to it, it becomes an exceedingly stressful time for the parents as well.

The teething child is an irritable and cranky child, and so parents try all in their power to reduce the discomfort felt by the child. Amber teething beads are usually strung onto a necklace and need to be left on the baby. The fear in this is that it could lead to a strangling hazard as it could get caught on something. However, the advertisements state that it is designed keeping in mind this factor and hence when tugged or pulled, it breaks easily, and since the beads are individually knotted, they do not scatter when the necklace is broken.

However, this could be a serious concern as even if the beads are not individually scattered, the broken necklace itself can easily be grabbed by the baby and put in its mouth. This would lead to choking. The main proponents of the system are the fact that the Baltic amber which is used for these beads contains succinic acid. True, it does contain around 3% - 8% of this succinic acid, but since amber is tough and can withstand huge fluctuations and variations in temperature, it seems almost hard to believe that upon gently getting heated due to the baby’s skin, it will give up one of its chemical components. Succinic acid though it is found in our body and different foods. However, it does not have studies which prove its analgesic effect.

In fact when this is ingested in large quantities, it is even considered as a respiratory and skin irritant, and there are chances of eye damage too. That brings the new parents to another point which is how would one know what dosage of succinic acid is being absorbed by the body over a long period. Therefore most would consider it is risky. Therefore, it is suggested rather than have these beads around the baby’s neck; the baby is given chewable toys as these soothe the gums that ache and they have textured surfaces, so they offer better relief for the child. These teethers are also large and therefore, there is no hazard with regards the safety. There are many distributors here in Melbourne where you can get teething beads for your baby. The jewellery here is considered some of the best of its kind in Australia.