Beautiful wedding invitations

Ordering wedding invitations in Australia: what you need to know before ordering

Wedding invitations consist of:

All three of these cards should be mailed separately, and at different time intervals of the big day. They all serve different purposes and should be treated individually. All these cards should be mailed, hand delivery is too casual. If you and your significant other want a casual wedding, then hand delivery would be okay. But remember this is your big day, so casual sometimes just isn’t enough. You can find amazing wedding invitations in Australia online from this store. They specialise in invitations for weddings that come with a custom appeal and design

When should save the dates be mailed?

If you and your fiancé have family and friends that live scattered and far, it’s good to send Save the Dates well over three- six months before the Big Day! It’s never too early to give a heads up, and besides I am sure you are beyond ecstatic to share the news with your dear loved ones. Although, nowadays with social media, most likely the big majority of your family and friends have already seen or read your excitement on your Facebook page and/or Twitter feeds.

Save the dates should include:

When should engagement invites be mailed?

Wedding invitations should be mailed out six-eight weeks prior to the event. Engagement invites similar to these can be customised to suit your exact style and colour that you want for your special day. Invitations should be addressed using proper name etiquette, using Mr. and Mrs. With the husband’s first name and last, ex. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. No need to list children names. If the couple you are mailing the invitation to aren’t married then use both full names in alphabetical order, by last name, ex. Rachel Adams and Brent Parker. Invitations should include:

When should RSVP be mailed?

RSVP’s should be the last correspondence that is mailed prior to the wedding. It’s good to mail these two to three weeks prior, four if a guest lives several states away allowing enough time for the mail carrier to deliver the RSVP cards. With today’s fast mail response, one can mail a package from California to New York in a matter of 3-5 business days. When the RSVP card is being mailed out, it would be feasible at this point in time to slip in a separate piece of paper (roughly the size of a business card) stating where the bride and groom to be have gift registered, along with any special event instructions (like: open bar, sit-down dinner, food bar, BYOB, bring flip-flops (if beach wedding), or just anything that you believe could help your guest feel comfortable). RSVP cards should include: